How does the hotel choose all copper restaurant chandeliers?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-11
China is a state of etiquette, and friends come from afar. Of course, there are wines and delicacies to entertain. Eating in hotel restaurants is a common occurrence. Because the hotel restaurant has a good dining environment, it not only needs good dishes and high-grade decoration, but also the lighting effect of the restaurant chandelier is very important for the dining environment. The following is a brief explanation of snooker Mercure's experience in matching all-copper lamps in hotels: 1. The chandelier in all-copper restaurants in hotels cannot only look at the appearance. Because the special location of the hotel restaurant has a partial demand for lighting. Most of them choose all-copper restaurant lamps with lower cover type in appearance, and it is generally not recommended to use upper-light type lamps, because the focus of dining is on delicious food, the role of the light is to bring the dishes to the fullest. 2. If the brightness of the all-copper restaurant chandelier is not enough, it can be matched with auxiliary lights such as wall lamps, small spotlights or LED lamps to set off. The function of auxiliary lighting is to make the environment more coordinated and make it look clear and comfortable.
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