How does lighting marketing reform start with service?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-24


 What is service marketing?

 Service marketing is a kind of humanized service mode. The company and the dealers form a strategic alliance relationship. They are located in the place of the dealers. They really solve the problems for the dealers and serve the dealers with practical actions. For example, participate in the brand promotion of dealers, provide advice for dealers, train guides and business personnel for dealers, and provide full-service services such as promotion programs, training programs, promotion plans, expansion plans, and management plans for dealers in local operations. Meet the five-star service standard. As a marketing component, service has been embedded in the entire marketing system of the company, and service has become the lifeline of business operations. Although the company has high performance expectations for customer service personnel, in reality, there are often cases in which service personnel are doing things badly, and customer dissatisfaction often occurs. What kind of problems did the company have in the service?

 People-oriented service must achieve triple wins

 Win-win is the satisfaction of customers, companies and service providers. In stark contrast to production, the main body of service marketing includes three important content; enterprises, employees and customers, customers are of course one of the most critical subjects in service, but the other two entities, especially employees The benefits cannot be ignored. If you design the entire service based on three wins, this starting point can guarantee the effectiveness of the overall operating structure of the enterprise.

 The service is based on the basic business model of the enterprise. The front-line employees interact with the customers and produce results in the process of service. Therefore, these three subjects are concerned about service marketing. In the past, we often ignored the wins of front-line employees, which is the usual dedication of two words, which is unrealistic.Paying for something and getting something else are good for all. So there is no selfless dedication. From the perspective of social management and division of labor, enterprises must find the fundamental driving force and some internal motivation for front-line employees, not just the company's system and management requirements. This is a very important part of service marketing.

 What is included in the service marketing mix and what are the implications of each of these elements for the business?

 The elements of a service marketing mix typically include so-called 4C, people, tangible presentations and processes. 4C is customer cost, convenience, customer needs and customer communication. Service marketing should consider the impact of technology, equipment, and environment; if you can't accurately use existing technologies, devices, and environments, no one will know exactly what you want to do. For a long time, we have also neglected the impact of technology, equipment and environment on frontline employees. For example, many of the sales outlets do not have a workbench, and even a hard notepad is not available. Most of the shopping guides can only return to the front desk to complete the billing action after the customer has seen the table lamp. Her labor intensity It has increased a lot in the invisible. This increase in labor intensity does not have any benefit to the enterprise.
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