How do European lamps match home decoration style?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-20
After understanding the style and material of European lamps, what aspects should be considered for the selection of European lamps? How to choose European lamps correctly to create a bright future for your room? Each space in the home should create a lighting effect, how to reasonably apply lamps according to lighting? In addition to considering lighting conditions, what problems should different people pay attention to when choosing lighting? Is there too many problems in the selection of lighting in home decoration? 'Home Improvement Knowledge Lecture Hall' will give you a detailed introduction! European lamps and lanterns collocation, classical style, let's talk about the collocation of European lamps and lanterns and living rooms. First of all, let's talk about the classical style of home and lighting. The classical style of home is mainly elegant and harmonious, mostly white, gold, yellow and dark red. And sometimes it will be mixed with a small amount of white, which will look bright and generous, making the whole space look open, tolerant and atmospheric. European-style lamps and lanterns, rustic style, rustic style furniture and lighting, rustic style focuses on natural performance, English pastoral furniture is characterized by gorgeous fabrics, hand-made, most of its flowers are mainly small Broken Flowers, stripes and Scottish patterns, and English-style furniture will always be our eternal theme. For lamps, our lamps, whether chandeliers or floor lamps, or a desk lamp, cloth cover, to match it, this is the most important. The French pastoral style is mainly characterized by the white washing of furniture. For all the treatments on our lamps, the lampshade should be made of some large-area white, so it is not necessary to break the flower pattern. European-style lamps and lanterns, Mediterranean style, Mediterranean style furniture and lighting, Mediterranean style most of the gray white walls, arches, sea-blue roof tiles, or doors and windows, and with the mosaic on the wall, it will give people a dignified atmosphere and a feeling of color jumping. For its lighting, the lamps are matched with Mediterranean style. First of all, pay attention not to jump too much, but to give priority to heavy colors, moreover, most of its lamps should be in height, slightly higher in height, better in height, and matched with its glass material, you can put a little bit of bright-colored glass on it, and you can match it with the mosaic on the wall, so the effect is better.
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