How can European wall lamps realize intelligent remote control while enjoying a new life?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-13
Nowadays, traditional lamps can no longer meet people's needs. With the continuous development of science and technology, the intelligence of lamps has gradually penetrated into people's lives. Dimming, color mixing and intelligent control of lamps are no longer new! The all-copper lamp of snooker Mercure will also make a leap-forward change, allowing the traditional copper lamp to also add technological elements to realize dimmable, color mixing and intelligent switch. Some customers asked how to realize intelligent control of European wall lamps installed at home? In fact, the method of realizing intelligent control of European wall lamps is the same as that of chandeliers. The chandelier is to add a driver to the whole lamp, install an intelligent bulb, and connect with a remote control to achieve intelligent control. European-style wall lamps are generally installed on both sides of the living room background wall or on both sides of the head of a bed. If you want to realize intelligent control, add a driver to each wall lamp, install an intelligent light bulb, and equip it with a remote controller, A remote controller can control 2 or 4 wall lamps.
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