Hotel lobby lighting hotel copper lighting factory

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-11
The lobby of the hotel is a relatively large space for leisure and activities, and an important place for entertainment and reception. Bright and comfortable light is conducive to the pleasant atmosphere in getting along with each other, and vision reduces the burden on eyes during leisure, other needs can also be met in different situations and time periods. Generally speaking, the lighting configuration in the hotel lobby will use the interactive matching of main lighting and auxiliary lighting to create a space atmosphere. Lamps and lanterns are the lighting tools of the room, another decoration of the room, and even the decorators of the room. The choice of lamps and lanterns not only reflects the taste of the owner of the house, it also shows the culture and art of the owner of the house. The lamp is a rare, practical and beautiful work of art. 1. Consider lighting, lighting style, lighting style and matching of your room. If your lighting has nothing to do with your home decoration style, you will definitely feel that the lighting becomes incompatible all day long, it may also affect your mood and so on. 2, the appearance and grade of lamps, first of all, the appearance of lamps must be coordinated with the size and style of the room, and secondly, strive for elegance and luxury. In a house, it is equivalent to a person's face. If the lamp is too dull, it will make people feel shabby. If it is too luxurious, it will definitely cause invisible pressure on visitors, can't let go of hands and feet. 3. The intensity of the light should be moderate. The theme lighting of the lamp should not be too dark or too dazzling, and strive to achieve proper light and shade, making people feel relaxed, not under pressure. 4, consider the effect of lighting, that is, according to the size of the entire space of the hotel lobby and the power of the lamps to determine how many lights the hotel lobby needs to make the hotel lobby bright. In the darker corners of the living room, you can consider using a ceiling lamp or a wall lamp to embellish the effect. 5, consider the tone of the light, according to the theme of the hotel lobby tone, whether it is warm or cold, choose the warm and cold of the light.
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