Hotel knowledge of custom design of lamps and lanterns

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-26
In the upscale office lighting, lighting, high-grade hotels catering, real estate example room illumination, villa lighting scheme selection, lighting very much need to be customized, customized to fit in the space style, size, and personalized needs. Hotel lamps and lanterns to customize the basic requirement is must be strong. The lamps and lanterns, kitchen lamps and lanterns of the sitting room, bedroom lamps and lanterns has less more than 4 lamps, how to install lamps and lanterns is decorated in the family to pay attention to detail, because of the need to use for a long time and cannot be easily damaged, or it will affect the family life. Hotel is usually divided into business and tourist vacationing industry, business type hotel is usually located in the economically developed city, are business travel guest reception, office, conference, business banquets and other functions; Tourist vacationing industry hotels are usually located in tourist areas, outstanding is on vacation and leisure function. But this distinction is relative, the functions of them are often overlapping. They all have the reception lobby, various types of rooms, Chinese restaurant and western restaurant and multi-function hall. So, from the perspective of hotel lighting design, their commonness is essentially the same. In the hotel in the custom design of lamps and lanterns is usually the factory workshop, schools, classrooms, offices, LABS, and sports venues, etc. , mainly function of system is called general illumination or general lighting, and leave the hotel, hotel, advertising, shop window, dance halls, restaurants and other known as lighting decoration accessories and art. At present most domestic hotel lighting for a five-star hotel. A four-star general, samsung hotel lighting design pays attention to is not much. Actually both hotel, architecture, landscape planning, Design engineering or planning) Or indoor lighting, is faced with the needs of different customers. Hotel customized general points of natural crystal texture of lamps and lanterns, heavy lead low lead crystal, crystal, crystal glass material quality and so on, now on the market of the hotel, more than 95% of the custom of lamps and lanterns is crystal glass, even with plastic, money price is far lower than the natural and lead crystal. Crystalline light of the main metal material cent two kinds of copper and iron, iron copper price is about 4 ~ 5 times. Iron, the first is cheaper, on the strong degree and resistance to deformation ability is much better than that of copper, so each lamp and its part of the square tube parts are made of iron materials, even if the whole copper lamp also is such, the downside is that if not covered by plating complete, so the possibility of rust is 100%. Copper, the price is expensive, material is qualitative soft, in terms of surface treatment is better than that of iron, under normal circumstances the small risk of rust. As a lamp, with copper and iron will cost 4 ~ 5 times. If do thick transparent lampshades, with crystal effect is good, the price is higher than, thick glass will have bubbles. In example room lighting is the eye of the household, family without lamps and lanterns, like people have no eyes, no eyes family can only live in the dark, so the light is very important position in the family. Now people will be called lighting lighting lamps and lanterns, people can see from the title, it is not just used for lighting lamps and lanterns has, it also can be used to decorate a room.
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