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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-11
It has been more than a century since human beings developed from electricity lighting. This tool, which was originally used to illuminate the darkness, has evolved into a product that integrates viewing, decoration, lighting and other functions. Especially in the application of hotel engineering lamps, they pursue more luxury and comfort. It passes through'Lighting' The perfect combination shows one luxurious and comfortable space after another. The author tries to discuss the design of hotel engineering lamps and lanterns from the aspects of the application of hotel engineering lamps and lanterns, so as to be helpful to colleagues engaged in the design and construction of hotel engineering lamps and lanterns, please correct the mistakes. Hotel engineering lamps are actually a kind of decorative lighting, also known as atmosphere lighting. It is mainly through changes in color and motion of lights or lamp bodies, as well as intelligent lighting control systems, etc, with basic lighting, some lighting is added to decorate the environment to add atmosphere. So since it is a kind of decorative lighting and a necessary lighting tool at night, we first analyze the influence of the light source of hotel engineering lamps on people: 1. The influence of the location of the light source of hotel engineering lamps on people is well known. In our daily life, we mainly rely on artificial lighting. Because we can create stable and ideal light for our eyes at any time to meet the needs of comfort. Hotel engineering lighting is no exception, and artificial lighting is also used to provide people with a safe and comfortable environment. Speaking of which, the problem arises, because even in the same lighting space, some people think it is very comfortable, while others feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, as a designer of hotel engineering lamps, one must consider such a problem, that is, to consider the visual characteristics of everyone, in order to create a light environment that most people like. The position and height of the light source in space are of certain importance to people's emotion and vision. He not only stipulates the direction of light, but also the expression of the light recipient, and it also has a great relationship with the degree of calm in the space. Generally speaking, whether indoors or outdoors, the higher the viewpoint of the eyes leaves the datum plane where they are located, the more nervous people feel. In other words, standing is more tense than sitting. Sitting on the floor and lying down casually can be liberated from tension than sitting on a chair. By the same token, when there are behaviors accompanied by tension, the position of the light source and the bright center of gravity are suitable to be placed higher. When you need to have a spacious and comfortable mood, you should reduce the position of the light source and the center of gravity of the illuminated brightness. 2. Hotel engineering lamps should fully consider the light receiving ability of people's eyes. Experiments show that a person's feeling of brightness can be said to be both acute and insensitive. For example, we not only have the ability to enjoy sports under 100000 lx in summer sun exposure, but also have the ability to enjoy sports at only 0. 2 lx's ability to read newspapers in the moonlight. Under these two kinds of light, people will be equally nervous, and vision is easy to produce fatigue. At the same time, there is also evidence to prove that people have different requirements for the illumination of light when they are engaged in different activities. Therefore, different lights are planned according to different places, it is an indispensable lesson in the lighting design of our hotel engineering lamps. For example, the lighting of the engineering lamps in the waiting area of the hotel lobby, strictly speaking, is the place where people settle in or receive guests for a short time. The light in this place requires quiet, decent and moderate illumination, it is best to give priority to basic lighting without glare. At the same time, in order to express the decorative effect, we can install luxurious chandeliers, desk lamps and floor lamps. However, we should try our best not to let people see the light source directly, but to block the light source with lampshades or other materials.
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