Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns should try to be cheap high quality

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-25
Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of adornment effect is usually through two aspects, one is the lamp is acted the role of the collocation of the modelling of the product itself and the environment, the second is through the lighting to illuminate the lamp itself and the surrounding environment. Through the hotel lighting to match the environment to produce a variety of environmental effect. 1, the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of custom-made price factors and unified grade prices are basically the same, just because of difference in the process of manufacturer price but there may be some deviation, if the price and the market of lamps and lanterns of uniform prices vary too far, the lamps and lanterns make sure there is a subject words a price a points goods, since decided to order the hotel lamps and lanterns must choose good faith to have actual strength, word of mouth good custom manufacturer of lamps and lanterns to do bespoke engineering lamps and lanterns. 2, the brightness of the hotel environment requirements and style according to the brightness of the environment design for hotel and hotel customers' common interest, suitable for light to hotel work, at the same time to give them a good atmosphere makes the user feel at home, let it linger and inherit hotel next time. 3, the safety for hotel lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns are usually customized lamps and lanterns, particularly in the lobby lights, lamps and lanterns is larger, a large weight, safety is the first factor. In short, make to order the main hotel lamps and lanterns is according to user groups to make to order the right lamps and lanterns of the hotel, at the same time to take care to check material, we should try to be as far as possible low fares and friendly.
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