Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns should how to operate more appropriate?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-28
About the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of choose and lighting design methods and techniques, such as the combination of lamps and lanterns collocation method, with the variety of lighting system, etc. Then, specific to the parameters set in the late, we should how to operate more appropriate? If you after permanent hotel business trip or tourist hotel is more, it's not hard to find, the current hotel rooms, basically is to use design without advocate the lamp, it's hard to see the main lamp + auxiliary lamp lighting combinations. Instead, it is the tube lamp, lamp, lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, bed small droplight as auxiliary lighting lamps and lanterns before. For the selection of the lamps and lanterns, we probably from the intensity of illumination, color temperature, color rendering these three angles to consider. First of all, the intensity of illumination hotel rooms typically seek quiet, sweet, even lazy feeling, so the overall intensity of illumination control in 50 - we suggest 100Lux; But as the head of a bed lamp, desk lamp, cosmetic mirror lamp stronger light, required for this function is recommended to choose 300 lux illuminance value, to meet the demand of the tenant's corresponding; Among them, are more likely to be ignored, is the room's desk, and many hotel did not provide a writing desk lamp, it is very inappropriate. Second, the color temperature, color temperature with the bedroom that occupy the home is close to. Ideal hotel rooms, color temperature should be controlled in 2700 - The range of 3500 k. Part of the bedroom with under 3500 k light source, and with more than 3500 k light source between wei yu. The bedroom area choose warm yellow light, use cool color to move between wei yu. The pursuit of sweet feeling, who pursue clean feeling. Thirdly, usually color, the author thinks, the more high-grade hotels, hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of color will be higher. Even the mid-range hotels, lamps and lanterns also should achieve Ra> color; 90. Due to high color rendering index, can let feel more comfortable and more confident. We often say that focuses on the environment that occupy the home to the function and use, businesses want to arts and to stimulate consumption. Hotel engineering design of lamps and lanterns, therefore, is different from the bedroom that occupy the home, it is to a great extent, cultured enough comfort and full of emotional appeal, because it needs is the satisfaction of the service and good reputation.
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