Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of lighting effects

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-26
Usually hotel lamps and lanterns lighting plan characteristics are apparent contrast, can be roughly summed up the three points: one is to pay attention to systematic entirety and from the hotel courtyard initial appearance to the guest room, to the guest's travel streamline collaboration with hotel lighting lighting construction state of mind to grasp; Second is the rhythm and beat, the light about the person's mood influence is very big, different function, different time, people need to be state of mind is not the same with air, hotel lighting lamps and lanterns lighting plan to keep up with, people will feel natural, smooth, the opposite is uncomfortable, fatigue; Is that less is more, the hotel lighting lamps and lanterns lighting plan also needs to environmental protection, unnecessary and inappropriate lighting is not only waste is pollution, light pollution and pollution state of mind. Whether hotel engineering lamps and lanterns lighting lamps and lanterns is other space plan, a lot of planning division more and more attention on the vision, for example 'light, beautiful and fantasy', etc. , this is about light generally keywords; Hotel and other more highlight the effect of space, the second is to pay attention to functional, more especially the lights of the room, about the intensity of illumination, perspective, color temperature, etc. , planner need to feel heavy and scrutiny. Whatever the type of hotel, whether the meeting is still vacationing industry, will implement the 'live', the planner using light building a stable and comfortable air this is a duty. More should be a state of mind and feelings, want more attention, for instance 'quiet, soft, empty spirit, rhythm, rhyme,' and so on key words about a state of mind, this is the root of the lamps and lanterns of the hotel plan in place. Hotel engineering design the basic lighting lamps and lanterns. Basic lighting in order to let the audience see clear stage, see clearly show. First, a basic lighting for the whole stage. Basic colours are decided the overall atmosphere of stage light, the tone for the whole lighting effects, or enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, or romance, or sibilant table melancholy. Secondly, hotel lighting lighting design of characters. Group show, the lighting of large area is solved by basic white light. Bar design of local lighting, lighting of the host follow spot solved, so good 2 to 3 sets follow spot, to cope with different situations. Team or other relatively fixed performers, available to shoot the light beam fixed point light. Thirdly, hotel engineering design of lamps and lanterns of background light. Dance halls of the background as the different and change, the performer changes every time because of beauty or programs. Ambient light is to put the background content appropriate stand out, make them merge into performance, foil theme, common background lights with awning lights, curtain lights, lamp light beam, etc. Fourth, hotel engineering lamps and lanterns design of basic lighting effect. Is composed of directional beam type lamps and lanterns, have the model of three dimensional space aesthetic feeling, color variety, style can be made of stage lighting engineers combination, change at will. Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns design the special effect of light. Amount due to its superior performance and protean effect, so the special effect of lamps and lanterns is good. But the amount of price is quite expensive, therefore must under the premise of guarantee basic light and effect is being considered. At the same time, due to the use amount, can relatively reduce the number of basic effect lights. The lamps and lanterns, light machinery because its function is a single, fixed, will feel that they are not good control, but with less. To make color fidelity of drinks and food, so choose the light source color rendering is better.
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