Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns makes the atmosphere give customers a better feeling

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-26
1, good manufacturers to be able to design different according to different parts of the scheme in the hotel, from the hall to the conference room, from the room into the corridor of public, all need to have the lamps and lanterns to foil out of the hotel in a good atmosphere, need the lamps and lanterns of different area are different, as the hotel decoration engineering company, select itself of lamps and lanterns is about to face more difficulties. If you can find a manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, hotel to hotel decoration effects, design a different solution, so for the decoration of the hotel, can play a good effect. The hotel is not only used for lighting lamps and lanterns, have adornment effect is more important, make the atmosphere of the hotel give customers a better feeling. 2, good manufacturers provide the lamps and lanterns in terms of price advantage of the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of one-time purchase quantity is big, the need is the price advantage, the lamps and lanterns of cheap can lower the grade of the hotel, if is the lamps and lanterns of brand, the price is too expensive, so as a hotel, find brand lighting factory, enjoy the engineering price, so these problems can be solved, lamps and lanterns manufacturer should how to choice, this kind of icing on the cake decorations, of course, is to find an advantage. Provide product can bring resplendent and magnificent decoration effect, but also can save costs. In a hotel in the engineering design of lamps and lanterns, the use of the lamps and lanterns of sometimes very much, can consider to use variety of lighting and control methods to achieve energy saving effect. In example room lighting is the eye of the household, family without lamps and lanterns, like people have no eyes, no eyes family can only live in the dark, so the light is very important position in the family. Now people will be called lighting lighting lamps and lanterns, people can see from the title, it is not just used for lighting lamps and lanterns has, it also can be used to decorate a room. Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of different families, space, the different choice of crystalline light when the choose and buy, it is important to note that according to the size of the space and the shape of the lamp. The personage inside course of study points out, according to the requirements of space - 20 square meters 30 square meters of the sitting room, about 1 meter in diameter to choose crystalline light. Can according to the different family, different room has to choose: many multicellular families primarily to the use of the sitting room, main choose so atmosphere, beautiful crystal lamp type suction a top and condole; Some young people or newly married people, in the bedroom is decorated, might as well choose exquisitely charming, warm color to move more pendant wall crystal lamp; If want to install crystal lamp in the kitchen, you can install a both energy saving and represent hanging crystalline light sweet life. Flow to use natural light as far as possible, reduce the use of artificial light. According to the hotel the importance of the different space and different occasions, to set up different scenarios, establish different lighting scaling, reduce the cost of power consumption of lamps and lanterns. To save energy at the same time, and can realize the lamps and lanterns of perfect lighting effect.
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