Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns lighting design beyond the scope of the choice of lamps and lanterns

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-25
Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of different angles irradiation can emphasize the space shape, texture or decorate interface, different arrangement can make use of light, the halo, or lighting decoration space interface. In the lobby or banquet hall, the design of artificial lighting make the entire atmosphere full of showily feeling; In a bar or cafe, hidden scattering of light or dark lighting make the whole atmosphere of the mysterious and quiet and tastefully laid out. Hotel engineering lamps adornment effect consists of two parts, one is the adornment effect of the light, the second is the adornment action of itself of lamps and lanterns. Lamp act the role ofing, for example, can form a variety of design, the design itself can produce a special kind of adornment effect. From some hollow out with the back of the decorative pattern or decoration pattern on the back of strong light, make the design and patterns to produce more prominent adornment effect. In addition, itself also have very strong adornment sex of lamps and lanterns. By the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of the intensity of light and the design of the projection Angle, can the simple sense of material of the full performance beauty, strengthen the sense of texture. Hotel design company commonly used this technique to express the sense of integrity. Such as light in a reflection on the performance of material, can make the light in photograph reflect, make indoor bright is dazzing. In addition to show the simple sense of material beauty, lighting show color beauty of materials. In practice, the engineering lamps and lanterns and light design touches the whole hotel building and indoor space. How to make buildings and space in the LED lighting light environment add beauty, impress vibration effect. Lighting design beyond the scope of the choice of lamps and lanterns. 1, the light is not only human visual perception of light, also includes the human visual perception is less than the infrared and ultraviolet light, etc. We put these collectively known as the electromagnetic wave, light wavelength range of different resolution the properties of different wavelengths of light. 2, with visible light wavelength region adjacent to, and than the wavelength of visible light wavelength region is ultraviolet (uv) light, similarly, longer wavelengths than visible light wavelength domain is infrared light. Main infrared thermal effect; According to different wavelength ultraviolet (uv) light, can produce birthday according to the sterilization and phosphor luminescence.
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