Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns is how to design a reasonable lighting custom scheme

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-25
In today's era of personalization, customize this words in various industries and society has been widely mentioned in the crowd, small to a large life appliance to a luxury. With the high speed of industrial popularization, the lamp is acted the role of custom is not privilege, already more and more users group joined the ranks. Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns is not only a matter of style of lamp act the role ofing, but covers the creative design, structural design, the production process, packaging, logistics and installation and so on various aspects of the process. Such a custom service popular in Europe, America and Japan for many years. At home, general equipment using customized products is more, now, customized also more and more popular in decorating in the home, hotels, hotels, clubs when decorating, and is often entrust a specialized manufacturer of custom lighting. General custom lighting products without these material: plate, stainless steel, glass or crystal, marble, resin and so on, are now more popular mix build, and with the attitude of rigorous, strives for perfection the art of high level. The whole process of custom is almost a month, generally 20% cheaper than the market 30%. Why hotel engineering lamps and lanterns has such a large development space? This is mainly because of the change of consumer perceptions and progress. A lamp is acted the role of the enterprise to have very good development, differentiation of lamp act the role ofing must exist. Only have enough personality and innovative enterprises, can really appeal to consumers. For now, like the pursuit of quality of life of our incandescent lamp has already can't meet our requirements. And from environmental protection point of view, incandescent lamp is also a stumbling block to us to protect the environment, the led will replace it as the important role of the lighting, design features a variety of lamp act the role ofing to dress up our living environment is more and more colorful. Now lighting is not only a simple lighting tools, is indispensable to improve life quality. Hotel engineering process is different from general lighting lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, the first lighting designers need to have a close contact and communication with users, learn the user's interest and need a place to style, then the door measurement, design reasonable lighting customized programs. Mainly divided into the following steps: 1, lighting designer and customer communication, understand customer needs and wants. 2, communication indoor decorate a style to demand, according to the detailed record analysis, preliminary lighting scheme is determined. 3, determine the lamps and lanterns lighting installation, put the position, the lamp body. 4 and multi-dimensional measurement, accurate measuring the lamps and lanterns in the use of the space required for size and layout, including lamps and lanterns, cloth art, carpet, adornment, furnishing articles, etc the flow of visual changes, colour collocation, material texture is tie-in. 5, drawings design. 6, communication, the preliminary design scheme. 7, the scheme of negotiations, adjustments and eventually achieve satisfaction. 8, production material, surface treatment, etc. , to communicate in completion of lamps and lanterns to invite customer visit, etc. 9, after the completion of the production to make an appointment delivery installation time, lighting fitting, packing, delivery and installation.
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