Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns can better build the environment atmosphere of the hotel

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-28
Hotel custom combination of local lighting lamps and lanterns is mainly used for dressing, read, change clothes collection, etc. Beside the bed set berth lamp, for example, very easy to read. Reading light, want to have proper arrangement, because the light is too strong or not, will directly affect the vision, causing damage to the eyes. The local lighting of dresser can convenient ZhengZhuang. Friend will be a lot of room in the mirror above the rear lights, actually such easy to create the shadow. If lighting is on both sides of cosmetic mirror for sensible method, but should pay attention to the light shoulds not be too white or too strong, and as far as possible close to natural light. Local lighting is mainly aimed at the 'indomitable spirit' chest deep deep chest at the same time. How to install controllable light source at the top of the tank body back to other light source when looking for clothes, only the light on the top of the cupboard, won't make himself could not. Say after the decorative lighting, they is mainly used to build the space atmosphere of the hotel, such as romantic and warm. Skillfully use the floor lamp, wall lamp, and even small droplight, can build the environment atmosphere of the hotel well. In addition, need not too care about its lighting effect. In addition to the ordinary incandescent light tubes are often used in ambient lighting, hotel lighting custom in dome light and the droplight is also very suitable for installation in the hall, the lighting designer thinks, droplight and absorbing dome light is suitable for the hotel lighting lamps and lanterns. The hall meeting as the host and the guest and the facade of the house, the decoration, color, and inside the hotel lighting lamps and lanterns should let guests feel the atmosphere of solemn. Grave, bright droplight or absorb dome light is very match the atmosphere of the hall. There are some hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of production entrepreneurs to promise the quality and let the customer get real brand with reliable, can engrave on each crystal act the role of brand tag, so the hotel if the choose and buy, if when ordering carefully to identify the brand tag should be ok. Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns is beautiful, the key is the purity of the crystal ball and the surface of the weld and the lead content. So the hotel depends on when the choose and buy one to see the crystal ball for cracks, bubbles and impurities, water ripple, should only be can only translucent, transparent crystal optical performance of the benefits, through the light reflects the beautiful color; Welding on the surface and in the crystal ball to see if it can be lubricated, whether can clear edges and corners, so that the refraction in the crystal ball results achieved; From lead, usually of high quality crystal ball, can use full lead crystal, it is a pure material, can a beautiful color. Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns in general is hanging in the sitting room of the hotel or in a restaurant, so be sure to use and easy and pleasing to the eye or hotel engineering lamps and lanterns hanging type suction a top hotel engineering lamps and lanterns. Different brands of hotel engineering lamps and lanterns is almost on the outside. It is important to note that there are some illegal production factory do only works on the surface, they are in a large hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of peripheral or obvious local assembly quality lamp bead, whereas in the lining of the lamps and lanterns or hidden place self-delusion. The development of hotel engineering lamps and lanterns also promote the development of some peripheral products, lamps and lanterns dealers and lighting engineering company, etc. Along with our country economy development and people living standard rise, some original storage house unique product of lamps and lanterns is currently towards the average family, became a household act the role ofing is tasted.
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