hot on pinterest: a chandelier made from...plastic utensils?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-07
We brought you five unpaid Pinterest accounts earlier this week.
Now, we have recently launched a very popular item in pinners: a spoon chandelier cut and saved.
This unique light fixture is popular because it is a lovely light to be honest.
The fact that it is made with plastic spoons and empty plastic bottles is almost secondary!
We can\'t believe it ourselves.
Look at the finished product: This pendant light is definitely a statement and looks great in the lobby, entrance or dining area.
We can\'t think of a better way to update the plastic spoon.
So, how do you do this? of-a-What kind of chandelier?
Simple, just keep reading howto.
You need: 10 liters of plastic bottles (
Just empty plastic kettle)
About 300 tablespoons of hot glue gun scissors pendant lamp set (
Like this one from Home Depot)
First, use scissors to carefully cut the bottom of the bottle.
This will allow light to illuminate the bottom once you hang it.
Carefully break the handle of the spoon, leaving only the curved \"bowl\" section and the handle stub of about 1 inch.
Then, be careful to start sticking them to the bottle with the handle (
We recommend starting to stick the spoon to the bottom of the bottle and work up).
Continue to layer the line in alternating mode so that the broken handle is covered with overlapping spoons.
There should be about 18 rows, 15 spoons per row.
Once you get to the top where the bottle starts to narrow, you can stick more spoons with glue, or add your own personal decor, just like the feathers shown in this photo.
Then string your pendant fixture on the bottle opening and you\'ll be able to install your lovely unconventional new light!
Note: a smaller version of this lamp can be made using 2-1
One liter of plastic bottles, less spoons.
For the full tutorial, Please crop and save from scratch.
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