Home matching of all-copper ceiling lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-22
All-copper ceiling lamp is a multifunctional and adaptable lamp, which is mostly used in balconies, kitchens, bedrooms and other places. Balcony is a semi-outdoor environment, so it will be higher for lamps. Snooker's all-copper ceiling lamp can achieve effective daily protection such as waterproof and dustproof. All all copper ceiling lamps are manufactured by hand without leaving any flaws. The kitchen is a difficult place to choose lamps, because the kitchen will produce a lot of lampblack, which is very difficult to clean after a long period of time, this is also a very big test for the integrity of the lamp closure and the surface treatment. Snooker's all-copper ceiling lamp is treated with all-round manual soldering, so the joints are tightly closed without leaving gaps. The surface treatment process is also higher than that of the same industry, with many processes such as polishing, scrubbing and glaze sealing. All-copper ceiling lamps are also well matched for some low-sized rooms, which will not cause depression in the rooms and can fully ensure the lighting of the rooms.
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