home improvement : switch to a dimmer for controlled brightness : lighting: adjustable illumination enhances ambience and lowers electric bills.

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-12
One of the easiest ways to improve the home atmosphere and reduce the electricity bill is to install the dimmer switch instead of the normal on-
In a room that does not always require full brightness, turn off the wall switch.
The dimmer switch replaces most standard wall switches, allowing you to adjust the brightness of your light to the most comfortable level.
Dimmers also reduce energy consumption by reducing the power consumed by lamps.
In the restaurant, the dimmer switch is absolutely a must, and the rest of the house with ceiling is also great --
Install or insert lights.
I also put them in our bathroom to prevent us from going blind in the middle of the night.
Installing a dimmer is a home makeover that even electrophobes can do in a few minutes.
Of course, before you start, you need to go to the hardware store to buy the switch that suits your needs.
Dimmers are rated according to the maximum wattage they can safely control.
So before entering the store, count the total bulb wattage controlled by the switch you want to replace.
If your total power is 500 watts or less, I recommend you purchase a dimmer with a rated power of 600 watts (
The most common type).
If your total power is 900 W or less, I would recommend a dimmer with a rated power of 1,000 W.
If you have a very powerful switch, over 900 Watts, you should use a dimmer with a rated power of 1,500 watts, which is available in the power room.
The most common dimmer has a plastic knob that rotates to control the lighting level, as well as a push-up/push-down function. The 600-
The Watt knob dimmer fits behind your existing wall panel and is the cheapest.
The second most common design has a switch that looks like a normal wall switch, but allows full switches
Dimming range by moving the switch up or down to any position that provides the desired brightness level.
These are more streamlined than the knob dimmer and eliminate the problem of the handle loosening when the knob is worn out.
These also use your old wall panels.
The other two popular dimmers are designed to adjust the \"slide bar\" type of lighting by moving the plastic stick up and down, as well as a \"TouchPad\" model where you just touch and keep your fingers, the level of light can be controlled.
These two dimmers require special wall panels that usually have switches.
Most large hardware stores and home centers have dimmer switches in all colors to choose from.
Be sure to choose a dimmer designed for incandescent lamps.
Different types of dimmers are required for fluorescent or overhead fans.
Once you have the right switch, follow these steps to install: 1--
At the fuse box or circuit-
Circuit breaker panel, breaker to remove fuse or turn off control light-
You are replacing the fixed circuit of the switch.
If you are not sure which one it is, remove all fuses or turn off all circuit breakers.
Then, go back to the wall switch and turn it on to make sure the fixture doesn\'t shine. 2--
Once you are satisfied with the power off, remove the screws and unplug the board from the switch. 3--
After closing the plate, you will see a screw on the top of the old switch and a screw on the bottom, which you will also remove. 4--
Pull the old switch out of the wall box and remove the two wires connected to it by releasing the brass screws on the side. 5--
Connect the two wires that come out of the dimmer (the leads)
The two wires fixed on the old switch with special fasteners are called wire nuts. (
The thread head nut is tapered
Plastic caps in shape about inches long, usually packed with dimmers. )
Connecting the wire properly to the two wires from the wall box is a key step in the process.
First, use pliers to straighten the bare end of the wire.
Cut the bare end to about 5/8.
If necessary, remove additional insulation from the wire with a knife or wire cutting machine.
Peel off enough insulation from the dimmer lead and also expose about 5/8 of the bare wire.
Fix a lead of the dimmer next to a wire on the wall so that their bare ends are parallel and end at the same point.
Twist the bare ends together with pliers and slide a wire nut on it.
Tighten the wire nut by turning the wire nut clockwise while applying pressure to the direction of the wire.
When the wire nut is fixed correctly, you will feel a significant turning resistance. 6--
Repeat step 5 for the remaining two wires. 7--
Put loose wires back into the wall box as carefully as possible. 8--
Place the dimmer into the wall box so that its anchor bracket is aligned with the screw holes at the top and bottom of the wall box. 9--
Fix the dimmer in place with the apartment
Included head screws and wall panels with painted-head screws. 10--
Go back to the fuse box or circuit board and tighten the fuse (s)
Re-enter or restart the circuit breaker (s)
By completely turning off the switch before pressing the switch. 11--Test the dimmer.
Make sure it provides the expected full range of lighting.
Installing the dimmer switch is a simple home-
Improve the work, which has a great impact on the atmosphere and atmosphere of the room that does not always require full brightness.
The project starts with a visit to a local hardware store or Home Center, choosing the right switch for your needs.
Three typical dimmers for incandescent lamps are shown on the right.
For a simple single
Pole dimmer, you usually connect the dimmer wire to the wire you remove from the old switch.
But the installer may vary depending on the switch and manufacturer, so it is important to follow the packing instructions.
Most importantly, power off the fuse box or circuit before starting work-breaker panel.
Three common dimmer switches
Bar dimmer * rotation knows dimmer (most common)
* Toggle dimmer (
Looks like a normal light switch)
How to connect WIRES1:Strip 5/8-
Inch insulation at the end of the wire. 2)
Turn the end clockwise. 3)
Twist the wire nut to both ends to form a connection.
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