Home decoration is free to match, modern decoration with European lamps has more charm!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-01
A few days ago, I met a customer who asked us that the home is a modern decoration style, but I think the European lamps are very good-looking. I want to choose some European lamps and I don't know if it is appropriate. In fact, Xiaobian said that the definition of modern style is relatively extensive. In fact, there is no particularly obvious style boundary. There is no problem with simple European style lamps. Do you not believe it? You can enjoy the effect of modern decoration style and European lamps together with the small plait. Simple Modern decoration style, simple furnishings, color matching is not messy, the installation of a simple European-style living room chandelier, looks more warm, with no sense of discord. The main color of modern decoration style is black and white, clean and clear, and the bedroom is naturally not too heavy and complicated. The simple geometric European ceiling lamp is a good choice, and the matching effect is the same, meimei da. Simple European wall lamps are also indispensable for modern decoration. The installation effect is really unambiguous, making people look very comfortable.
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