Home decoration copper lamp is suitable for you

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-31
Nowadays, the purchase of lamps in home decoration is very particular. First of all, we should determine the lighting styles that need to be purchased from the style of home decoration, overall color tone and soft decoration. The second is the material used for lighting. Modern lighting generally uses all-copper lamps, crystal lamps, wrought iron lamps, etc. Of course, different materials have different effects, just like all-copper lamps. Different styles have different characteristics, including modern simplicity, European classics, art villages, etc, in general, all copper lamps are luxurious, magnificent, elegant, atmospheric, etc. , suitable for decoration in various areas of home decoration. Living room: it is the central area for family members' activities. It is also a place for receiving relatives and guests. All copper lamps and tin lamps cannot be sloppy. They should be carefully designed and arranged. The living room generally adopts a combination of main lighting and local lighting, that is, a ceiling-type full copper lamp is the main lamp, and other auxiliary lighting is matched. Such as: wall lights, downlights, spotlights, etc. Bedroom: mainly rest, but not a single sleeping area. In most families, the bedroom is also a place to make up and store clothes, and it is also a place to rest after work. In order to give full play to the various uses of the bedroom, the lighting decoration must be carefully designed. You can choose a ceiling-type copper lamp to create a quiet and warm atmosphere.
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