home decorating with capiz chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-13
If you want to have more life in the living room or dining room, then installing the chandelier on the ceiling will definitely make it look more elegant.
But if you think there\'s only a million dollars for such lighting
Dollar house, think about it.
Today, there are plenty of attractive cheap chandeliers to choose from.
From classic glass to exotic Capiz, your options are endless.
Capiz chandeliers are cheaper than crystal and glass, but also elegant.
Capiz is a semi-transparent flat shell mainly distributed in Indonesia and the Philippines.
Capiz shells are not limited to chandeliers, but are also made into lampshades, candle holders and other house decorations.
When the light goes through Capiz, the housing produces a dim lighting effect, which is cool for the eyes.
This is why any fixture with Capiz housing is considered formal and elegant.
When decorating a room with a Capiz chandelier, you can enhance the natural beauty by injecting textures.
Add decoration with similar features such as gloss, translucency and circular shape.
You can throw pillows in the room with satin, or you can handle them with windows such as curtains.
You can also add items belonging to the Shell family to give the room a sealike look.
Put all kinds of other shells, pearls or other beads.
The point is the color of your chandelier, and another nice feeling in the room is to choose accessories with similar shades and shades to the Capiz housing.
Finally, choose a rich fabric to complement the color of the lighting to make the chandelier stand out.
In this way, the decoration of the whole room will give a formal and first-class atmosphere.
By adding chandeliers and proper accents to your budget, your living room or dining room will not only become decent but also beautiful.
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