Home Alliance interpretation of lighting 'cross-border trends'

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-13


 On the morning of April 10th, the first spring exhibition of Guzhen Town Fair was held in the Grand Convention and Exhibition Center. Together with the professional lighting display platform of 250,000 square meters in the three major venues, many professional buyers at home and abroad have come to participate.

 This spring exhibition has become a new product launch event for many lighting companies, and many industry giants have brought the latest lighting design to the show. In addition, the product display from the pan-furniture industry also made the exhibition unique.

 Spring exhibition into a new product display platform

 Since the first light fair was successfully held in 1999, the famous Guzhen  Fair has been held for 12 consecutive years. As a window for the ancient town to open up domestic and foreign markets and show new products and technologies, it has become an indispensable part of the ancient town lighting wall sconce industry chain.

 The 13th Ancient Town  Fair held yesterday was a new revolution in the Fair. Starting this year, it will open a new model of two exhibitions a year. That is to say, in the spring exhibition, domestic sales are the dominant direction, and the autumn exhibition is the leading direction, providing more professional services for exhibitors and buyers.

 Due to the more precise positioning, the main venue of the exhibition attracted 525 exhibitors. Yesterday, these companies brought new products in the spring, which made the exhibitors interested.

 In recent years, Bill Lee, which won many awards in the design field, took its EME brand appearance yesterday. As the main product of the spring exhibition, Bill Lee's  various lightings with flowers as the styling elements attracted a lot of attention at the exhibition, and the exhibitors showed their strong interest.

 January 1 kWh, good table lamp 10 years … … EME also brought eight new series of new products, the loud slogan attracted many merchants to stop and understand. From LED crystal lamps to high-efficiency ceiling lamps and COB ceiling lamps, the products of Fors  are almost all self-developed, and many of them are also leading in the same industry.

 Ford's lighting products can be returned unconditionally within 100 days, and the warranty period for indoor products is up to 3 years. If the luminaire is damaged due to quality problems within one year, the bad one will be lost. The relevant person in charge of the company told the reporter that the products on display at this fair were all the core products of their latest development. They are full of confidence in these products and are willing to make promises to consumers.

 Home Alliance Interpretation of Cross-border Trends

 Compared with the previous  Fair, a major feature of this spring's  Expo is the cross-border trend from the Home Alliance.

 The reporter saw at the scene yesterday that the Weizhi Alliance in the lighting industry, the Guangdong Construction Softwear Industry Association in the home accessories industry and the Chaozhou Ceramic Industry Association in the ceramics industry organized a group exhibition to help the spring fair of the  Fair, with a group size of 6,000 square meters. .

 This lighting fair has a combination of lighting and soft fittings, which also brings a new business philosophy to the wall sconce industry. 

 This time I will attend the Guzhen Fair. We hope to negotiate with more lighting companies and hope to find quality partners. The combination of the pan-home industry is already the future development trend of the industry.

 Liu Yuting, director of Shenzhen Pingshan Sculpture Art and Creative Park, was also attending the  Expo for the first time. He told reporters that from the point of view of the contact with the merchants, the exhibition was effective. They hope to have a deeper understanding of the Zhongshan (real estate) market and prepare for the future entry into Zhongshan. Because lighting is an important element of home soft clothing, the soft and lighting market can be organically combined to achieve interaction.

 The trend of the future home industry is the overall home, not simply selling products. In the future, more and more soft-packed designers will appear, and consumers will be equipped with various soft-packs including lighting. Cross-border integration is bound to be a major trend in the future. Liu Yuting introduced.

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