Hold a small life, light luxury copper lamp appreciation

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-04
In recent years, you will find that the main consumption force in the market has gradually moved to the post-80 s and the early 90 s. Relatively young consumers have different aesthetic requirements. They are more keen on new and modern ones, they have a name called: light luxury; . The light luxury family has rational taste, pursuit of beauty and love for life. Because their choice of lighting is also biased towards light luxury and petty bourgeois style, just like all-copper lamps. As a manufacturer of all-copper lamps for more than ten years, snooker Meiju has kept pace with the times from the initial retro all-copper glass solder lamps to the current light luxury and post-modern all-copper lamps, cater to the tastes of consumers in different times; , Below small make up to share with you a snooker Mercure recently on the new light luxury wind copper lamp. The diamond-cut crystal lampshade, the branch shape lamp arm, the lighting effect is like the starry river, plus the copper material lamp body, light luxury, and the grade, very suitable for the light luxury style of the small style. This series has complete specifications and is equipped with supporting restaurant lights, stair lights and wall lights. If you want to know more about this lamp, you can call 400-800-8609.
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