[Historical Today] October 9, 1931, Edison died

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On October 9, 1931, the famous American inventor Thomas Alva Edison died at the age of 84. The great man who brought electric lights, phonographs, movies and hundreds of inventions to the world left at home at 3:24 in the town of West Orange, New Jersey, in his sleep.

Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. At the age of 12, he set up a chemical laboratory at home. In order to buy experimental equipment, he went to the train as a newsboy. Soon, he bought an old printing house and started publishing newspapers—the first newspaper was actually printed on the train. When he was 15 years old, he rescued a child on the railroad track. The father of the child was very grateful to him and taught him to learn to send and receive telegrams. Soon, he was known as the fastest reporter in the United States.

After Edison moved to Boston in 1868, he obtained an patent for his first invention, an automatic voting recorder. But he can't sell it because politicians like to personally check the votes. He sold it in New York after the second year. This is a securities market automatic record-receiving machine. He earned $40,000. He used the money to start an engineering consulting business.

In 1876, he successfully set up his own industrial laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey. 1,093 inventions have been successfully developed in this laboratory, of which 389 are related to electric lights and electric power, 195 are related to phonographs, 150 are about telegraphs, 141 are about batteries, and 34 are About the phone.

In addition, the invention of electric cars, elevators, and even rubbers not related to electricity comes from this genius. The 'Edison effect' he discovered during the invention of the electric light became the basis of the later tube and electronics industries. Edison’s reputation is very large. When he announced that he was studying electricity to illuminate in 1878, the stock price of kerosene used for lighting fell sharply. After thousands of experiments, Edison finally showed the light of electricity for the first time in the end of 1879. In 1889 he developed the first film that was actually shown. In his later years, the old man known as the Menlo Park Wizards was greatly respected by the public.

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