High quality hotel engineering lighting customization

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-25
China has such a saying--Value for money; . As the name implies, what you buy can exceed the amount given. However, with the continuous updating of the trend and the statement of cost performance, the customization of engineering lamps for snooker hotel will take advantage of the trend, with exquisite shape and value for money, it is deeply loved by consumers. In today's market, consumers are not only entangled in the price of the products when they buy things. In fact, the quality problem has been plaguing them. The snooker hotel copper lamp has seen the concerns of consumers, determined to dispel the uneasiness of consumers. In terms of material, 62 brass is selected for the customization of engineering lamps in snooker hotel. Because copper is anti-oxidation, it will not damage the appearance and reduce the service life due to rust during use, after many times of polishing, it can effectively prevent corrosion and scratches, and is more rust resistant than iron lamps. Each joint of the lamp body adopts a manual seamless soldering process to make it tightly and firmly bonded. Secondly, from the appearance, the snooker hotel copper lamp has a thick texture that cannot be compared with other materials. The lamp body made of pure copper, gorgeous appearance and elegant temperament are very suitable for consumers who have higher pursuit of the hotel. The lampshade part is made of organic frosted glass, which is a kind of polymer transparent material and is produced by polymerization of chemical substances. Compared with ordinary glass, it has higher strength, corrosion resistance and better insulation performance. As a lampshade, its light transmittance can reach 96%, far better than other materials. Then the frosted surface is formed by mechanical sandblasting, so that the light produces diffuse reflection, and the light is transparent without perspective, so that the indoor light is soft and not harsh.
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