High power LED light LED lighting photo technology

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-19
High power LED light parsing technology LED lighting photos as technology increasingly developed, LED lighting products for electronic ballast on behalf of the rapid expansion of lighting lamps and lanterns of electronic technology, a variety of integrated devices and computer control system of the application of lamps and lighting system has made obvious progress, lamps and lighting system in the dimming control, remote control, light color, etc all have made a lot of improvement. 1, modern lamps and lanterns that move light trick is more advanced than before, lunch and flexible, in addition to the Settings in the lamps and lanterns that move light device and switching device, with integrated infrared acceptance also use the dimming device or remote control to cast light source to suspend the dimmer, or use computer programming dimmer. This way of dimming for the usual condole carries on the transformation, and the existing dimming system under ten different places at the same time a stepless dimming and delay lighting. 2, using the scene selector working with light and low voltage lighting system, the flexible lighting design with usually attachment and multipoint control separation. This scenario dimmer and controller can install multiple far intervals scene, optional combination, apply to the conference room, museums and other places, lunch, flexible, and the control effect is obvious. 3, the application of computer remote control computer and indoor lighting control system, with the degree of natural lighting request, day and night time and users, automatic change interior decoration lighting light source, the entire lighting system parameter setting, changes and monitoring through the screen to complete. This control method is suitable for hotels, shopping malls and other civilian equipment. 4, integration technology is developing and modern lamps and lanterns of gradually. LED landscape lighting lamps and lanterns of various adopts integrated circuit, energy saving effect is obvious. Such as directional lighting lamps and lanterns of condenser of consumption in an American company adopts integrated circuit, the energy of the lamps and lanterns down considerably and integrated technology will become modern lamps and lanterns design trend. To function as the compact source of miniaturization, all kinds of new technology, new technology adopted from time to time, ballast lamp with electrical accessories such as miniaturization, modern lamps and lanterns is to small, application, utility direction. 1, compact fluorescent lamps, increase scope of the application in the modern lamps and lanterns. The original fluorescent lamps and lanterns is mainly concentrated in regard to the development of desk lamp, always has gradually extended to all kinds of lighting lamps and lanterns, all kinds of lighting places and the development of functional lighting lamps and lanterns. We can make a simple return to class: small power in compact fluorescent lamps use ordinary desk lamp, grille lamps and lanterns; High power compact fluorescent lamps normally used in the various kinds of road lights, courtyard lamp, lawn lamp; Three tube compact fluorescent lamps and lanterns USES electronic ballast and mostly with common reflector design, high efficiency of lamps and lanterns, if combined with computer and infrared remote control device, and so is more economical and applicable. 2, all kinds of small lamps and lanterns design more compact reasonable. Such as: British thorne's consumption of a miniature spotlight, light the lamp each woven terminal are equipped with all kinds of optical accessories, including a prism, lens, grating and so on, to control beam, function together, volume is small and exquisite. 3, in order to adapt to modern building indoor size variable, function and changeable flexibility entreaty, days with architectural space as far as possible, lunch, people's life more lamps and lanterns of function combination arises at the historic moment. Such as: suitable for family and office ceiling lamp, using set lighting dimming and fan speed control functions for the integration of control systems, can not only to carry on the full range of the dimming light source, can also implements three gears for electric fan speed control, lunch. And as for the ward with utility lighting device, light source can be used as the background of the reception of visitors, but also desk lamp, medical checks with light and night nurse rounds with light four function. Related searches: crystal droplight, European style crystal droplight, zhongshan lighting factory details please visit: http://www. zsgzyw。 com
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