High-grade all-copper lamp, pure copper lamp factory peeling conference was successfully held

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-03
On the evening of December 3, more than 30 staff representatives from all-copper production department, all-copper lamp design department and all-copper lamp sales department, as well as the company's administration department, Finance Department and other departments gathered in the all-copper lamp training room. A special meeting was held--Skinning conference. According to reports, the so-called skinning conference is that the representatives of the company's employees put forward opinions to the leaders of the designated departments in all aspects of their work, and the department leaders who have been skinned should put aside their postures, do not refute, do not interrupt. The departments that appeared in the venue as peeled were the all-copper lamp production department, the all-copper lamp design department and the company administration department. All staff representatives put forward many constructive opinions on the above three departments respectively. With the words of the person in charge of the all-copper lamp design department: I thought I did a good job. Today, after listening to the opinions and suggestions of various departments on the all-copper lamp design department, only to find that there are still many shortcomings in my past work. The entire skinning conference was carried out in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. The commentators looked at the big picture and put forward many valuable opinions. The skinned person has always maintained a good attitude and always stood up to express his gratitude to the commentators. After the meeting, the general manager of the all-copper lamp of snooker Meiju made a brief speech at the skinning Conference. He said: this conference can be said to have achieved a complete success. It can be said to be a United Conference, an inspiring conference, the conference of victory! At the same time, he also hopes that after the meeting, the various skinning departments can prevent the shortage in time, in order to hand over a satisfactory answer to all employees of the company as soon as possible.
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