helpful hardware; lighting up the night

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Night lights are a great comfort for children who are afraid of darkness and overnight guests who are not familiar with the layout of the house or apartment.
Hammacher Schlemmer, located at 147 East 57 th Street, sells a lamp with a luminous eye, turned on at dusk and turned off at dawn.
It can be plugged into any socket.
The lamp is 3/4 high and costs $29, with four sets in total. 95.
Place an order through the Hammacher Schlemmer Directory, dial 800-543-3366.
The newly decorated night light with a truly translucent shell design is carried by Greetings on 38 th Street, 425 Fifth Avenue.
A lamp, scallops and a lampthird-
The Watt neon light bulb is said to work more than 25,000 hours in a row at a cost of $3. 95.
Another, there is a bigger shell, there is
Switch off and replaceable 7-watt bulb. It costs $8. 95.
Advertising Sanyo has a new night light that can be used as an emergency light.
It automatically continues at dusk.
If the power supply fails, it can be removed from the socket to become a small rechargeable flashlight with a 50 minute power supply. It costs $17. 95 (plus $2.
Postage and handling fee 95)
And available from my child\'s destiny Directory, mail box 7349, San Francisco, California, 94120; 800-445-5678. A Tiffany-
$16 night lighting is available.
Directory 95 from dunniver House, Stoke Bridge Road, mass bus. 01230. 413-528-1500.
Advertising a night light with a rustic style can be found in a catalogue of country lofts, Nan \'an Park, Hingham, Mass. , 02043; 800-225-5408.
The lamp is made of tin and comes with small holes at a length of 4 1/2 and a length of 2 5/8 for $12.
A version of this article appears on page C00002, country edition, March 27, 1986, with the Title: useful hardware;
Lit up the night.
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