Heilongjiang Miss Liu all copper restaurant chandelier real shot sharing

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-03
Early this morning, Heilongjiang customer Miss Liu sent us a copper restaurant chandelier SC05008- 05 thanks to Miss Liu for her support and trust in us. Miss Liu opened her own lighting store and took samples from snooker. Later, she slowly received feedback from many customers. She felt that snooker's all-copper lamps were of good quality and the installation effect was very good. Miss Liu began to cooperate with us for a long time, I have been picking up goods at our house. Miss Liu said: The main reason is that the lights of snooker are good, the workmanship is fine, the quality is good, and the customers are very satisfied. It is very safe to purchase in your home! ; After listening to Miss Liu's words, I feel very gratified. At the same time, I am also very grateful to Miss Liu for her support all the time. Snoomei home awe every penny of customers and serve every customer with heart. This is our aim, I believe we will do better and better! The following is Miss Liu's customer installation of all-copper restaurant chandelier SC05008- 05 real shot, frosted edge glass lampshade, petal shape, lampshade facing down, is a very versatile restaurant chandelier, bronze and classical European furniture complement each other, just right. If you want to know more about the style of all-copper chandeliers in snooker Meiju restaurant, please call the hotline of snooker Meiju directly: 400-800-7609.
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