'Healthy' will become the LED industry air port? Industry insiders say that!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-21
'Healthy' will become the LED industry air port? Industry insiders say that! 0 - - - - - - - 0 month, China's health industry healthy lighting and light peak BBS and semiconductor lighting industry, foshan city, the eighth exchange meeting was held in foshan city heng Swiss hotel. Conference, foshan buddhist city economy and science and technology bureau deputy director Li Youliang introduced & other; Zen city business environment and policy & throughout; 。 According to introducing, 0 years, zen city area 0 in gross domestic product (GDP). One hundred million yuan. Among them, 0 years floodgate, the semiconductor lighting industry, more than 0 billion yuan output value accounts for about one-third of foshan semiconductor lighting industry output value. At present, the chip making, encapsulation, power supply, application, inspection, such as industrial chain is complete. Li, deputy director, said chan city will build bearing large producer services platform, to build a guest the city of innovation, the construction of foshan, innovation and development demonstration area, build livable appropriate appropriate innovation & other; Strong center & throughout; As the goal, vigorously promote the development of creative design industry, innovation and development demonstration area construction of foshan, expand the area of semiconductor lighting industry platform, promote foshan semiconductor lighting industry rapid development. , chairman of the China association of lighting Chen Yansheng & other; Throughout the roadmap & lighting industry development trend; Keynote speech. He says, globalization, climate change and population changes to the lighting industry has brought challenges and opportunities. Lighting industry faces the challenge of new application of the digital and intelligent lighting system, as well as the increasing of support the demand of the human body health, well-being and work efficiency. Chen Yansheng director said, health is based on people-oriented, human health services, health light is the important core of the development of lighting industry in the future. Lighting industry in the future, will be combined with more industries to create more possibilities. Project's chief scientist, the original sun yat-sen university hospital ophthalmology hospital GeJian thinks, in recent years, the phenomenon of juvenile myopia is more and more serious, the Ministry of Education of special post requires strict control of juvenile myopia proportion, among them, the reasonable light is especially important. GeJian dean proposed that strengthen the youth science run run behavior guidance, health, provide health light environment, for the prevention and control juvenile myopia is very important, need more lighting enterprise research and development health products, let more teenage myopia, have healthy eyes. Foshan lighting association, guangdong chairman of the board of directors, senior engineer, wu k opticon health cultivation published & other; From the lighting to light throughout the discussion of health industry &; Speech, the theme of the basic needs of lighting is light, the light health has become another new consumer demand, and intelligent lighting complement each other, will become the new tuyere, price competition will be eliminated by the relentless. Wu Huichang said, the development of healthy lighting is just beginning, the future of the health industry is a brilliant light. As a cross-border industries, light health industry brings huge market space, and k opticon health & other; Light formula & throughout; “ Light throughout the password &; “ Light control & throughout; Technology research has been in the top in the industry. The star light electric research and development center, from a technical perspective Dr ZhangJinHui to the guests elaborated & other; Health lighting technology trends and the LED device package & throughout; , people-oriented health lighting should be both visual, physiological and psychological factors, such as the star light electric health formula technology can undertake scientific and meticulous division according to the living environment, through the intelligent control method, puts forward solutions to set reasonable health light environment. The previous: 0 0 years LED lighting products exports to the European situation in our country a: xiamen many schools to implement health light environment transformation LED lighting effectively reduce myopia rate product recommendations
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