Have you chosen all the chandeliers in your living room to install a new house in the new year?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
2017 New Year's new weather, new house decoration of course also have to pay close attention to Oh, home lamps are an important role. Everyone chooses the light from the main light- The living room chandelier began to be selected. The following small editor recommends a newly launched living room chandelier for snooker. I always feel that no matter what material is selected for the living room chandelier, we must pay attention to the atmosphere. After all, it is the main light of the home and the responsibility of the facade. All-copper living room chandeliers are a good choice, for example, this model is SZ22036- 06 living room chandelier, this lamp shape is more atmospheric, the lamp wall is made of all-copper Horsehead shape, looks domineering, quite King style, the lampshade is made of white fabric lampshade, with a sense of femininity, this matching living room chandelier is very suitable for retro and elegant European style living room. The specifications of this 6-head model are: diameter 718 * height 678, showing you the matching effect.
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