Hangzhou Miss Wang American lighting installation completed

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-24
The all-copper chandeliers purchased by Miss Wang of Hangzhou in snooker are all installed. Today, I sent us feedback on the installation of lamps. Miss Wang is the overall home decoration, other decoration has been basically completed, the customer told us that we need 2 copper chandeliers installed in the living room and bedroom, the living room recommended SZ22025- 08 this American chandelier, the size is: W830 * H690, elegant white linen lampshade with a copper disc, the overall gives a comfortable, fresh feeling. This lamp has 6 heads, 8 heads, 10 heads and 18 heads to choose from. The corresponding specifications can be selected according to the space area. The following figure shows the installation effect of Miss Wang. Bedroom selection SZ22028- 08 this all-copper chandelier is very well matched with the overall home color of the bedroom. The elegant white crease fabric lampshade is matched with the retro all-copper lamp body, which is elegant and modern. After turning on the light, the light is soft, looks very comfortable, not dazzling, and is conducive to rest and sleep. Seeing the real shot of our Miss Wang, are you also moved? Snooker Meiju is a lighting manufacturer that has developed and produced all-copper lamps for 18 years. It has many styles and full styles. I want to know more styles of all-copper chandeliers, directly call the national toll-free hotline for snooker: 400-800-7609.
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