Hanging a Chandelier Above a Bed

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-13
The chandelier adds a touch of charm and romance to the space, so what\'s better than hanging the chandelier on the bed?By using some basic rules that apply to hanging a chandelier in the center of the room or at the dining table, you can choose the right size chandelier and the height it hangs from the ceiling.Hang a chandelier directly on the bed, or put it on the ceiling and raise the romantic quotient in a room that is not just for sleeping.Measure the length and width of your room in feet.Add these two measurements together to make sure you need the diameter of the bedroom if you intend to put the chandelier of the bedroom on the bed.For example, a 15-by-19-34-walk bedroom-inch-The diameter chandelier is consistent with the proportion of the room.If you are going to put the chandelier directly on the bed, please select 24-inch-Diameter chandelier hanging on twinsand full-size beds.A 36-inch-The Queen\'s chandelier is right in diameter-and king-size beds.Hang the chandelier in the middle of the bed.Shorten the chain, so the bottom of the chandelier hangs 7 feet above the floor.For a ceiling above 9 feet, consider hanging twoSo the room won\'t make the chandelier too expensive.Heavy installation-If you do not have an electrical junction box directly on the bed, the duty hook on the ceiling pallet is in the center of the bed.Hang the chandelier in the middle of the room.Do not shorten the chain.Do not use swa hooks if your chandelier weighs more than 50 pounds.Hang the chain on the swa hook so that the bottom of the chandelier can be hung 7 feet from the floor.
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