Hand sealing oil for all copper lamp craft articles

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-16
When it comes to all-copper lamps, everyone will feel that they have a high-end atmosphere, but they don't know that all-copper lamp technology often determines the texture and service life of all-copper lamps, today, what we want to talk to you about is the manual sealing of all copper lamps in snooker Meiju! It is well known that iron lamps will oxidize after being used for a period of time, so Rust will occur. This not only affects the beauty of lamps and lanterns, but also affects the service life of lamps and lanterns. The same is true for all-copper lamps. When all-copper lamps are used for a period of time, Rust will also occur; This will seriously affect the beauty and use of lamps and lanterns. Snooker has worked hard to avoid this phenomenon. What is the hard work? That is manual sealing. All lamps and lanterns in snooker and Mercure will go through the process of manual oil sealing, in order to prevent lamps and lanterns from becoming verdigris and prolong the service life of lamps and lanterns. By chance, I went to the factory to study, and I realized the exquisiteness of the manual sealing process. I am in contact with an all-copper outdoor wall lamp. These lamps are dried from the oven area and then sent to a special manual oil sealing area. When we seal oil manually, we must use brushes of different specifications according to different parts of lamps. The copper frame of the wall lamp is relatively wide. We use the brush with the No. 1 large brush head to ensure that every place can be evenly oiled. When we brushed the slender frame, we changed the small brush head, so that the brush can ensure that every place can be brushed, and it can avoid the oil being brushed on the glass to affect the appearance. We oiled every small part of the lamp evenly, and even the handle of the valve could not be let go. The master told me that when oiling, it should not be too hard or too light, which will lead to uneven oiling. The most novice of me looked very simple beside me. When I got started, I found that it was really not easy. It was a careful job. The lamps that have been oiled are placed on a clean table and dried naturally. After drying, put it in a clean storage Blue, waiting to go to the assembly workshop for packaging. This is the whole process of manual sealing of snooker all copper lamps. Snooker is a good light, and it is good at every detail of the lamp.
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