Guzhen all copper lamps factory exports nearly 0. 6 billion US dollars

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-08
According to the statistics of the ancient town office, the lighting manufacturers reported the export of goods to the ancient town office last year. 80 thousand batches, value 9. US $1. 2 billion, up year-on-year. 3% and 28. 6%. Exports in most of the calendar year. The main lighting electric source enterprises in the three towns of Guzhen town, henglan town and Xiaolan town in the jurisdiction of the office, well-known lighting manufacturers respectively realized the export value of 4. $0. 8 billion, resulting in a 128 increase in the value of goods in January. 4%, an increase of 0. In February. 7%, the growth rate of each end of the year, after March into the peak season, May reached the largest year-on-year growth. The lamp manufacturer is 52. In 7%, the peak season for all-copper lamp manufacturers continued until September and November, and entered the off season, with a year-on-year increase of only 8%. However, the value of exports continued to rise every month, reaching its highest value in December, with the monthly export volume exceeding US $0. 1 billion for the first time. 2. $0. 3 billion and $1. 6. 6 billion US dollars, the three towns export declaration value increased by 32. 4%, 41. 9% and 10. 7%. According to the statistics of the ancient town office, the export value of our town, especially the export value of lamps and electric light sources, is more than the sum of henglan and Xiaolan. Judging from the trend of the value of exports in each month, affected by the traditional Chinese new year, more commodities that should have been exported in February were advanced to January, all copper lamp manufacturers March 7 from the Guzhen office of Zhongshan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (Under said'Ancient town office') It was learned that the goods exported by our town last year were 1. Batch 450 thousand, lamp manufacturer value 4. US $0. 8 billion, up from 2013. 6% and 32. 4%. Among them, the lamps and electric light source industry is still the main growth point of exports.
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