‘Guangzhou’s first night view’--Southern Building

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-02
 It is reported that the Southern Building, which has witnessed the vicissitudes of Guangzhou for half a century, has recently reopened its doors to welcome guests. - According to a report from the New Express reporter, after four months of closure and renovation, the Nanda Group managed by Guangbai Group and the economic development of Guangdong Putuo The Southern Digital International Electronic Digital City, which was established by the company, has been officially opened. The public can go to the site to enjoy the decorative lighting on the facade of the building known as “Guangzhou First Night Scene”. According to Guan Zhiqiang, director and deputy general manager of Guangbai Group, the decorative lighting on the facade of the building uses advanced LED decorative lights, costing more than 1.8 million yuan, and the color and pattern can be changed to 999. Some insiders said that after the decoration is fully activated, the South Building will become the 'first night view of Guangzhou'.' Editor: ZHENGYAQIN 2005-2-1    
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