Guangdong province pledges inspect bureau: 28 batch unqualified lamps and lighting products

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-25
Guangdong province pledges inspect bureau: batch unqualified 0 - lamps and lighting products 0 - 0 month, guangdong province pledges inspect bureau website 0 years lamps and lighting plant in guangdong province product quality & other; Double random & throughout; Special supervision and spot check result. The spot check of the guangdong province within the family enterprise production 0 batch of lamps and lighting products. After inspection, found that the batch of products is unqualified, unqualified products are found at a rate of %. Unqualified project involving the lamps and lanterns & other; Mark & throughout; “ Structure & throughout; “ Creepage distance and clearance & throughout; “ Ground rules & throughout; “ The external wiring and internal wiring & throughout; “ Protection against electric shock & throughout; “ Dustproof, solid foreign bodies and waterproof & throughout; “ Heat resistant, fireproof and resistance to mark & throughout; “ Electromagnetic radiation harassment ( 0 mhz-00mhz) ” “ Harmonic current & throughout; Such as zero projects; Ordinary lighting 0 v above the ballast LED lights & other Interchangeability & throughout; “ Mechanical strength & throughout; “ Wet processing after the insulation resistance and dielectric strength & throughout; “ Electromagnetic radiation harassment ( 0 mhz-00mhz) ” “ Harmonic current & throughout; Such as a project; The LED module with the electronic control unit ( The LED light controller) The & other; Mark & throughout; “ Electromagnetic radiation harassment ( 0 mhz-00mhz) ” Such a project. This house is selectived examination production enterprises ( 0 group) (including large entrepreneurs Batch) Medium-sized entrepreneurs (, Batch) 0, small enterprises ( Batch) %. %; %; %. This spot checks found unqualified products production enterprises, the agency has instructed the relevant cities qualitative inspect branch, according to 'product quality law of the People's Republic of China' of the administrative measures for the 'product quality supervision and spot check, shall be ordered to stop production, sales of unqualified products, and issued shall be ordered to make correction notice, in accordance with the organization review; There is a serious problem on the quality of our products production enterprises to investigate in accordance with the law. Section a: guzhen lighting grand opening 'Asian' Su Bing add use next article: Shanghai this intelligent system powerful, specializes in the pedestrian red light! Product recommendations
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