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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-31
In recent years, with the state's restrictions on real estate purchases and the introduction of property tax policies. And the bursting of some domestic real estate bubbles. Lighting enterprises closely related to real estate have also gone through an unprecedented low point of development, and some domestic lighting enterprises have entered a difficult development situation. In order to survive, everyone is eagerly looking forward to the emergence of the blue ocean market. After more than two years of hard exploration, some light companies have finally discovered a rare blue ocean market---Customization of hotel engineering lamps. Looking at the domestic economic form in recent years, although the lighting consumption of ordinary families has been greatly inhibited, the investment in some large hotel projects is still in full swing, therefore, the customization of hotel engineering lamps has become a life-saving straw for many lighting enterprises. If the time goes back for a few years, only a very small number of manufacturers are doing the customization of hotel engineering lamps, and most of them are operating in a bleak way. However, in 2011, the customization of hotel engineering lamps became a hot industry, and some manufacturers specializing in the customization of hotel engineering lamps also came into being. There are two reasons why the customization of hotel engineering lamps can be popular. One is that various hotel projects, restaurants and hotels have sprung up all over the country, they are all adopting customized lamps on a large scale; Second, in recent years, a large number of interior designers have emerged. They often create a lot of new and unique lamps to add color to their space design. Snooker Mercure all-copper lamp is an enterprise developed under such an environment and engaged in the customization of hotel engineering lamps. They have professional design, production and construction teams, specializing in domestic high-end hotel engineering lighting customization business, in just a few years, has completed such: nearly 230 five-star hotels and high-end clubs in China, such as newbinkai International Hotel, Sheraton Hotel and Wuhan Grace Garden Hotel, have customized their hotel engineering lamps.
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