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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-30
New Year at the beginning of the cira mei ju complete copper lamp they heard good news. After three months of preparation and hard work by all the staff of snooker all copper lamps. Officially relocated to the new factory today. Today, the factory area of snooker all copper lamps has reached 12000 square meters. It is more than four times that of the old factory. According to Luo Yongcheng, the general manager of the company, the purpose of the relocation of snooker's all-copper lamp is mainly: In the past production and operation, due to the restrictions of the plant area and various hardware facilities. Production capacity is seriously lagging behind sales, so that it cannot meet the needs of domestic and foreign merchants for all-copper lamps. The second is to create a good working and living environment for employees. According to another introduction, the expanded production capacity of snooker all-copper lamps is designed to supply 10000 lamps per month. At the same time the company in complete copper lamp/development and complete copper lamp quality monitoring on the Queen efforts strive to the cira mei ju copper against the new year of sunshine more a floor.
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