gst effect: prices of tubelights, fans and led bulbs to be uniform across india

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-07
On Saturday, the price of energy-saving appliances announced ---
LED bulbs, tubeliight and fan--
After the implementation of the goods and services tax allocated under the UJALA plan, it is now available at a uniform price.
Now, the uniform prices for LED bulbs, tubeliight and fans across the country are Rs 70, RS 220 and Rs 1200.
However, consumers in some states will benefit, while others will have to buy the appliances under the plan.
Prices of energy-saving appliances allocated under the government of Unnat Jeevan, India, affordable led and all appliances (UJALA)
The plan has been revised due to the introduction of the GST.
The price of 9 w LED bulbs is Rs 70, RS 220 for 20 w LED tubes, 5-
\"Star fans will be available at Rs 1,200,\" the state-
Runeng efficiency Service Co. , Ltd (EESL)
Said in a statement.
EESL is through distribution companies and other retail channels (such as e-market places.
EESL calls on all consumers not to pay any amount exceeding the price set by EESL for UJALA appliances.
Earlier, the pan-India Price was tubeliight and fan offered by EESL at RS 230 and Rs 1150 per unit.
Due to taxes such as local taxes and VAT, the price of LED bulbs varies in different states.
For example, due to the negligible tax on products, the price of LED bulbs in Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir is Rs 60 per unit.
The Indian government launched the UJALA program in January 5, 2015 with the goal of replacing 77 crore inefficient bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs.
Currently, more than 24.
8 LED bulbs, 27.
6 lakh tube lights and 10 lakh fans have been distributed in 28 states.
This leads to energy saving of more than 3,244 kWh per year, avoiding peak demand of more than 6,525 MW.
It is estimated that the cumulative cost of consumer bills per year is reduced to RS 12,963, and it also helps to reduce by £ 2.
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