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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-04
  With Group One appointed as Pulsar's distributor management director in the US, pro audio and lighting distributors have increased their supply of professional lighting products, including Group One's Elektralite. The agreement also paved the way for Jerry Colmenero to become the US sales manager for Group One internal Pulsar products under the direction of CEO Jack Kelly.

Cameron brings a wealth of experience to his latest role, and before that he was an autonomous audio technology expert, sound and stage company owner, as well as lighting electronics and later sales manager of Pulsar Products.

Finnegan's participation in Elektralite began in 1988. Prior to that, in 1971, he promoted Meteor Lighting and the birth of the 1983 Meteor Light & Sound. Wright is a sales and marketing manager for the companies 99, Zero 88, Coemar, and Celco, and a product designer for Elektralite.

“Group One has many years of experience in the professional lighting industry,” said CEO Gac Corey. “Before, Elektralite provided intelligent lighting and controllers at incredible prices, and now Elektralite manages Pulsar. This outstanding LED lighting company, so Group One can easily solve various lighting application problems.'

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