Goya Changsha store engineering lighting design plan finalized

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-27
Yesterday, the Goya Changsha store engineering lighting plan was finalized. Goya steak restaurant has a typical European style and elegant decoration. It has been carefully selected from tables and chairs to tableware, showing the court style. Produce authentic French cuisine, exquisite; Delicious; . Garlic bread is crisp outside and soft inside; ; Steak is a big piece; , Tender, smooth and refreshing; ; Smoke fills the air; The effect of chansons rose dew is excellent; To create a romantic atmosphere; . Goya steak restaurant, with its authentic French eight-course meal, won the 50 most popular restaurants in Wuhan in 2008 and 2009 for two consecutive years; One of them is not only conquering many Jiangcheng delicious food, but also a good choice for diners to eat French meals! So far, Goya steak has developed thousands of franchise stores in the country, which generally reflects that the engineering lamps in the store form the atmosphere that people expect. To this end, the relevant departments of the company found a design company. According to its requirements, the post-image design focuses on the use of exquisite engineering lamps and unique light source products to achieve the desired performance effect. And determined to have rich experience in the production of engineering lamps and lanterns. After nearly a month of hard work by the relevant personnel of the snooker engineering department, it was successfully delivered. For this batch of engineering lamps, the designer and party a passed the one-time review.
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