goodbye light bulb jokes?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-16
A long time ago, joking about \"how much money is needed to screw under a lamp\" was a good way to make fun of people\'s intelligence.
After all, what is easier than screwing a bulb?
Any idiot can do it. This is no longer the case.
Lighting has developed into a complex business.
It can be very scary for those who manage commercial buildings.
Finding out the difference between led and CFLs is just the beginning.
Then there\'s a wide variety of dimmers, sensors, data recorders, and controllers, including wired and wireless, and computer software, to combine them.
There are a number of factors to consider regarding light collection, interior space planning and human behavior.
While learning all of this, the building manager keeps thinking, \"Will I really save energy ? \"?
Will my utility bill go down enough to justify the investment?
Silicon Valley lighting company Clanton & Associates is trying to launch a new 6-
Monthly research on life cycle cost of lighting control systems and technologies.
The researchers studied buildings in Boston and Los Angeles with efficient lighting systems.
Dane Sanders, a professional engineer at Clanton & Associates, said his company is working to address the \"fear factor\" that the building owners have in their lighting projects \".
\"Such systems are growing so fast that it is difficult to keep up with technology,\" he said . \".
\"It helps people understand the real benefits of advanced lighting control and provides some basis for people to decide what lighting control system is best suited for their purposes.
\"This study provides some interesting findings for those who have gone through a maze of choices.
For example, according to the newspaper, wireless control reduces life costs by up to 25% over similar wired systems.
Wireless system with full dimming capability-
Cadillac system-
Seems to be the best return for money.
\"Relatively speaking, it will pay off soon;
This is a very interesting conclusion.
It is not necessarily the best to be the lowest.
\"More investment in the early stage can be repaid soon,\" he said . \".
Dimmers also earn points because of discord on the eyes than suddenly turning on/off the lights.
\"This happens slowly and smoothly with dimming, and it\'s hard to detect,\" Sanders said . \".
Also, the people sitting in the building did make a difference.
The study found that even if it ran counter to traditional office planning, the \"reverse space plan\" was the most effective.
In the inverted plane, the open office is located in the surrounding area, and the maximum number of people can use natural lighting.
The private office is pushed inside by the Daintree network, and the study can be downloaded here for free.
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