Glass solder lamp-The soul of European lights

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-16
With the rapid development of social and economic level and the improvement of people's aesthetic consciousness, European-style furniture decoration has become a fashion and First Choice, and European-style lamps have also taken off like dragons in the lamp industry. The design of the European lamp is generous and simple, but it does not lose the beauty of texture and fashion. Its exquisite craftsmanship, exquisite shape and elegant color invisibly add a lot of exotic romantic colors to your furniture life. When it comes to European lights, I have to mention the soul representative of European lights--Glass solder lamp. Glass solder lamp is to weld copper frames together with tin, and to make lampshades with toughened glass or frosted glass. It is made by hand. Its lines are simple and lively, emphasizing freedom, peace and integrity. The shape of solder lamp pursues extremely delicate, atmospheric and concise appearance. In terms of materials, it selects the best raw materials and pays attention to reflecting the rich original attributes and connotation of raw materials. The craftsmanship of the skillful craftsman perfectly reflects the style of the product. The reason why glass solder is the soul of European lamps is not only the unity of style, the details of the glass solder lamp in the production project and the inspiration reflected by the designer's collision of the four dimensions and history in the design project will make the European lamp exquisite, graceful and gorgeous, and the system is exquisite, just looking at the choice of parts in the glass solder lamp manufacturing project, the polishing treatment of the surface has made us have no doubt about the fineness and value of the glass solder lamp. One: surface treatment---- Polishing: surface polishing of metal materials is the first step of electroplating and has important significance. The surface of the metal raw material is rough, and the color directly made without polishing will give people an uncomfortable feeling, as a decorative lamp-Glass solder lamp. Also lost its noble meaning. Polishing (Also called polishing) Generally, the sand and grinding steps are selected for the roughness of the material and the quality requirements of the workpiece. If the material is too rough, it should be eliminated before the raw materials are put into storage, because if the surface of the metal material is damaged or concavo-convex, polishing will be powerless. The function of polishing is to make the flat metal surface turn into fine light and regular lines, so that the effect of the color is better, and it is also a necessary step before making color. Second, glass solder lamp is characterized by many parts and processes, and almost every process requires several steps of processing, and at the same time each component has a connection relationship, it is mainly made of copper, structural hardware, glass, polymer synthetic materials, crystal and iron, etc. After complicated, meticulous and deep-level fine processing, it has become a fine ornament.
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