Glass solder lamp home lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-14
Lights are the finishing touch of home decoration, and they are also used as products to meet people's needs for night lighting. It plays an important role in people's daily life. As one of the important roles of home decoration, glass solder lamp not only meets people's requirements for light quality, visual hygiene, light source utilization, etc. It also reflects the personality of its classical style. We can use the appearance and lighting of the glass solder lamp to adjust people's feelings about the indoor color light, and we can also use the color of cold and warm, render or disguise the role of interior design. However, attention should be paid to the overall coordination of interior decoration to avoid self-defeating. 1. Application of glass solder lamps in foyer, lobby and corridor. The foyer, lobby and corridor are the necessary places for people to pass by. They are the first impression to enter the room and one of the overall standards to reflect the interior decoration. Generally, the glass solder lights in the foyer, lobby and corridor. Generally, smaller glass solder lamps are selected, and their specifications, sizes and sizes should be matched with the living room. Sometimes other light sources such as spotlights are also used as auxiliary lighting at the door. The most important thing should be the application of the glass solder lamp in the lobby. It is often one of the iconic decorations and should be decorated magnificently, luxuriously and delicately. 2. Application of living room glass solder lamp. The living room has a large drawing room and a living room at home. The large drawing room is mainly composed of mixed cloth lamps, which are luxurious and exquisite. We will not give a detailed introduction here. We will use the lighting of the living room at home as an explanation, for readers' reference. The living room is the central area for family members' activities, and it is also a place for receiving relatives and guests. The lighting should not be sloppy, and it should be carefully designed and arranged. The ideal design is: the number and brightness of the glass solder lamp are adjustable, so that the family style is fully displayed. Generally, glass solder lamp main lamp is used as the main lighting and local lighting is combined. That is to choose a glass solder lamp main lamp, and then with a variety of other auxiliary lighting. Such as: wall lights, downlights, spotlights, etc. As far as the main lighting is concerned, if the living room is about 3M high, it is advisable to use a mid-range luxury glass solder lamp chandelier; The floor height is 2. Below 5 M, it is advisable to use a mid-range decorative ceiling lamp or no main lamp; If the floor height exceeds 3. For living rooms over 5 M, chandeliers with high grade and larger size can be selected. In addition, a separate desk lamp or floor lamp is placed at one end of the sofa to allow indirect light to scatter over the entire sitting area for conversation or browsing books and newspapers. You can also place a wall lamp in a proper position on the wall to make the wall shine. If there are murals, display cabinets, etc. , invisible spotlights can be set to embellish them. Put a soft-lit desk lamp or floor lamp next to the TV, or set a miniature low-illumination incandescent lamp on the back of the TV to reduce the contrast between light and shade in the hall, which is also conducive to protecting vision. The shape and color of the lamps in the living room should be consistent with the overall layout of the living room. The lighting of the lighting should be bright, the atmosphere should be strong, and the guests should be at home; The feeling of this cloth lamp is better. 3. Application of bedroom glass solder lamp. The main function of the bedroom is to rest, but it is not a single sleeping area. In most families, the bedroom is also a place for makeup and storage of clothes, and it is also a place for a short rest after work. In order to give full play to the various uses of the bedroom, the lighting decoration must be carefully designed. The choice of glass solder lamp shape and light color should focus on creating a quiet and warm atmosphere; If you want to create a bedroom into a romantic or charming little world, you must use soft and beautiful lights. Indirect or diffuse lighting is appropriate. Indoor indirect lighting, the color of the ceiling should be light, and the effect of reflected light is good. If small low-wattage spotlights are used for lighting, the ceiling should be dark, which can create a romantic, soft and emotional atmosphere. Try to avoid placing the bed under the chandelier so that people will not have lights to irritate their eyes when lying on the bed. The best way is to install the lower light on the wall and install it directionally, so that the light shines on the picture and the bookshelf to create a beautiful atmosphere. You can also set a semi-transparent cover wall lamp at an appropriate position, the upper hood will cast light to the center of the ceiling, and the lower part will be diffused in the bottom space to obtain a decorative effect. If there are other facilities in the bedroom that need brightness, lights can be set according to needs, such as closets, and sliding doors can be set to turn on the lights; Easy to take. To show the charm of murals, spotlights can be used. Two small and exquisite wall lamps are installed on both sides of the mirror surface of the dressing table, which are symmetrical and have no shadow for convenient dressing. The bedside lamp is set in the bedroom, which not only provides lighting, but also meets the needs of the owner to lie down and read the book. This requires the bedside lamp to be bright and not dazzling. Generally, the adjustable light source lamp is used. Usually do not lie down to read; At the same time, the illuminance can be lower, and the light color should be soft. The lighting of the bedroom is decorated with artistry, which requires the use of novel lamps, such as animal type, root carving, flower and bird type, etc. , to produce peculiar effects.
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