Glass process decryption of glass solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-15
What is a glass solder lamp, as its name implies, is a decorative lamp that uses copper and glass as the main materials and connects lampshades by hand soldering. In daily life, people often call it Copper Solder lamp, all-Copper Solder lamp or solder lamp. According to the different materials of glass solder lamp glass, the glass of solder lamp is mainly as follows: 1. Float glass sheet: also known as clear glass sheet, it is generally divided into 3mm and 5mm. This kind of glass sheet is widely used in lamp glass sheet. 2. Bubble glass: small bubbles are distributed unevenly inside the glass. 3. Ice Flower glass piece: Also called frost flower glass piece, the glass surface has ice pattern pattern. 4. Water pattern glass: the surface of the glass sheet has a water pattern pattern. 5. Diamond Glass: the surface of the glass is uneven. According to the glass treatment process, the glass of solder lamp mainly includes the following types: 1. Mosaic glass: a combination of many pieces of glass after soldering. Sand Glass: the glass surface is specially frosted, like fog. 3. Single curved glass: The glass is made into a single curved shape through the baking bending process. 4. Double-Bend Glass: The glass is made into a double-bend shape through the baking bending process. 5. Silk screen glass: The glass sheet is printed with a silk-like pattern. 6. Carved Glass: The glass sheet is engraved with elephant rice; A decorative pattern. 7. Hand paint cloud glass (Paint on your hands).
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