Give you a reason to choose a full copper lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-09
There are thousands of all-copper lamp brands on the market, but what kind of all-copper lamp manufacturers can reassure you? With 18 years of production experience in all-copper lamps, snooker Meizhu all-copper lamp factory provides you with product quality assurance with professional production experience and perfect after-sales supporting service. So where is the advantage of snooker? 1. 36 processes have been carefully crafted to achieve excellent quality of all-copper lamps. Through 18 years of exploration, snooker has completed the production of all-copper lamps in 36 processes, each process is checked by senior technicians with more than 6 years of work experience, thus ensuring more products and good products in each process. 2. Relying on advanced technology to double the service life of products snooker Meiju adopts advanced surface treatment and sealing technology, and the ability of all-copper lamps to resist severe weather such as acid and alkali is more than three times higher than that of its peers. 3, more than 120 patents, thousands of mature all-copper lamps, there is always one suitable for you. After years of accumulation, snooker has more than 120 national appearance patents, the product line covers more than 3000 products in three series of all-copper lamps, all-copper furniture and all-copper decorations, meeting the diverse market demands. 4. Provide exclusive customized services to highlight the personality of snooker Mercure relies on 16 years of experience in the production of all-copper lamps and a design team that has received formal training from art colleges and is in the field of all-copper lamps, it is completely possible to customize the products that belong to customers according to their needs. 5, perfect after-sales service system, let you worry-free after-sales service team, 24 hours at any time to solve the problems you encounter in the process of product sales or use.
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