【Full copper lamp]You can go to college without going to school

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-01
After intensive preparations, the high-profile snooker Mercure all copper lamp online business school; On August 9, the launching ceremony was held in the courtyard of the all-copper lamp factory in snoomeiju. More than 210 people attended the launching ceremony of the project, including all-copper lamp staff of snooker Mercure, guests from brother units and leaders of Zhongshan branch of Jucheng Information Group Co. , Ltd. According to snooker Mercure all copper lamp online business school; Ma Junkang, the first president, vividly compared it to a University Without Walls; . Its main feature is to use modern IT technology, with flexible organization mode, rich curriculum resources, flexible training time and extensive coverage advantages, in order to meet the training needs of employees and distributors at different levels and in different regions of the company, to achieve the purpose of training all employees and improving their overall skills, it is an effective supplement to the company's training system and training perfection. Start ceremony on cira mei ju complete copper lamp general manager Luo and cira mei ju complete copper lamp business school; The teachers of the project team made speeches respectively. In his speech, President Luo pointed out that the company attaches great importance to employee learning and self-improvement, and pointed out that the company cooperated with Jucheng Information Group Co. , Ltd. to establish an online business school; The fundamental purpose is to provide an efficient learning platform and curriculum resources for the company's employees and dealer teams. As one of the top ten training institutions in China and the biggest brand in China's education and training industry, the courses trained by Jucheng Information Group Co. , Ltd. are of great significance for our employees and dealer teams to broaden their horizons and increase new knowledge; Relying on the learning mode of the all copper lamp online business school in snooker, you can freely choose the learning courses, control the learning time by yourself, and the learning method is very flexible. President Luo finally stressed that in addition to the routine training within the company, the training courses of the online business school will serve as an important supplement to the company's training system, I hope that everyone will attach great importance to and make full use of such a platform and tool. Manager Liu Longbo of Zhongshan branch of juchenghua enterprise online business school introduced and demonstrated the main functional modules and curriculum system of online business school, and explained the login method, learning process and matters needing attention of online business school. He pointed out that learning e-learning can be realized through online colleges; To achieve everyone to learn, to learn from time to time, to learn everywhere; , Gradually build the learning culture and learning habits of the enterprise, so as to realize the rapid and healthy growth of the enterprise. At the launching ceremony, the leaders of Shenzhen Jucheng Information Group Co. , Ltd. Zhongshan branch also expressed their confidence and determination to cooperate with snooker Mercure all copper lamp!
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