【Full copper lamp] The 4th China E-Commerce South China Top Ten cattle merchants announced

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-28
Today, the large conference room on the fourth floor of Sheraton Zhongshan hotel is packed, the 4th China E-Commerce 10, organized by China E-Commerce Association, e-commerce Teaching Steering Committee of the National Ministry of Education, Guangdong E-Commerce Association, China e-commerce association network marketing promotion center and Shenzhen Shanren information group, etc. daniel Shang song awards ceremony; Held here. About 400 e-commerce entrepreneurs from all over Guangdong gathered here to witness the awards ceremony of the top ten cattle merchants. According to reports, thousands of companies participated in the fierce competition in this event. Snooker Mercure all copper lamp won this honor for its outstanding industry. Relevant experts evaluate the snooker all-copper lamp in this way, the website is positioned accurately, and the keyword layout is reasonable. The credibility of the website is convincing. In particular, the customization of all-copper lamps is the company's main core product. First, it can effectively isolate competitors, and second, it can fully reflect the company's strength. This is a website with strong marketing power. It is also an excellent website in the copper lamp industry. At the ceremony, Ms. Liu Hong, president of Shanren Information Group, delivered a speech. She said: this is the fourth year of the selection of the top ten cattle merchants, we will strive to explore the power of role models and help more traditional enterprises to move towards online marketing as soon as possible at the critical moment of China's economic transformation.
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