【Full copper lamp] Philips, 'Stone of inspiration' LED chandelier won '2012 LED good products'

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-28
The author learned at the just-concluded high-tech LED lighting conference that Philips inspiration Stone (Lumistone) LED chandelier, perfect design and its unique creativity won the 2012 LED good product; Title. This selection combines the results of a one-month online voting and more than three hundred CEOs of lighting enterprises and industry experts on the meeting site. Collaboration, discussion and communication are some of the main activities of modern offices. Therefore, the goal of the new lamps is to create an energy-saving lighting scheme with modern design style, which can improve the atmosphere and create a dynamic environment. I think, our'Stone of inspiration'These needs have been met ,; Designer Henning Solfeldt said. Using the technological advantages of LED, Philips can create shapes that traditional bulbs cannot have. Our cooperation with PLH Architects and Henning Solfeldt fully proves that as long as we work together, we can integrate future technologies into high-end design schemes and create inspirational office spaces, and improve the physical and mental health of employees, and at the same time achieve better lighting quality ,; Morten Felding, general manager of Philips Nordic lighting division, said. Philips inspiration stone; The design is inspired by the appearance of the pumice and the smooth and comfortable touch. The shape of the ellipse makes it look harmonious with the environment from any angle. In addition, the Stone of inspiration; Compared with the traditional fluorescent lamps, the organic design, soft curve and smaller waveform factor of the can create a warm atmosphere of home in the office environment, its modern design and high-quality LED lighting make employees feel more comfortable. The cup shape of its LED lamp; The design not only saves energy, but also prevents the lighting from interfering with employees while ensuring the lighting design and innovative effects by shielding glare. Philips inspiration stone; You can choose 25% indirect lighting and 75% direct lighting to create a vibrant atmosphere by giving light to the ceiling and walls, but most of the lights are directly directed to the employees' desks. Stone of inspiration; It well reflects the spirit of cooperation between Philips and designers. Through such cooperation, Philips not only brings creativity to the office area, but also improves the physical and mental health of employees while providing high-quality light sources. As Philips's first office lighting LED hanging lamp with light efficiency of more than 100 lumens/watt, it is the Stone of inspiration; Undoubtedly set a new benchmark for the industry.
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