【Full copper lamp]Old Town deng bo will ready

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-01
It is reported that the annual ancient town Light Fair and LED Application Exhibition (12th) It will be held as scheduled at the ancient town Convention and Exhibition Center from October 18-21. Since the Lantern Festival will be held in the new exhibition center, it is worth mentioning that the scale of the exhibition will reach 250 thousand square meters. A total of 550 exhibitors will be stationed in the Lantern Festival, with a recruitment rate of 100%, rent 1500 booths. Among them, there are 208 exhibitors in the bare booth, renting a booth of 9099 m² square meters, accounting for 67% of the rented area; There are 342 exhibitors in standard booths, with a total of 4401 m² square meters of booths rented, accounting for 33% of the rented area. It has exceeded the scale of the calendar exhibition. According to relevant sources, the theme of the 12th Light Expo is to make the lights brighter and make the lights greener; It is proposed to pay more attention to green and environmental protection while advocating economic development. A big highlight of this exhibition is with, in addition to the exhibition will be in the new pavilion---Outside the dengdu ancient town Convention and Exhibition Center. It has also added three sub-venues, namely, Times Square, Baisheng lighting Plaza and Swire lighting Plaza, with an exhibition scale of 250 thousand square meters. So that the audience can better interact with the manufacturers. It is also understood that the opening ceremony of the Lantern King Square will also break ground on the day of the Lantern Festival. The project area of Dengwang Square is about 140 thousand square meters, and the total construction area is about 410 thousand square meters (Tower)And two buildings in the east and west, the King of lights (Tower) The total height of the building is 328, which is the landmark and symbol of the lighting industry of the ancient town. The interior planning and construction of the lighting Museum and the high-rise sightseeing platform, the two podium buildings in the east and west include the global lighting brand exhibition trade city and lighting theme hotel. 【Snooker all copper lamp]I will report in detail for you.
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